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From: Kelley Palmieri <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 8:41 AM
Subject: NAPA EDI Compliance Rule Validation Version 3.3

All NAPA Suppliers currently on EDI Compliance Rules,

(167 people included in BCC)

Please see attached the latest version of the NAPA EDI Compliance Rules Validation document.

  • We created a new rule type calledInternal that will notify the NAPA teams but not be reported on the EDI 824 to the supplier.
  • We moved rule 880 -Item on invoice is not receivedto internal so you will no longer see this in your 824.
  • We also added the rule number and FATAL or WARN on each rule violation in the 824 so you can clearly tell which rules rejected your document and which are just a warning to correct for future.
    • NOTE: We expect these rejections to be corrected and resent within 24 hours. Starting in March, we will be sending a daily report of all rejected documents that have not been received corrected.
  • We updated criteria on rules710 and 807 to validate the DC on the document rather than the Ship To name.

Please reach out to us at NAPA_EDI@GENPT.COM if you have any questions.

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Kelley Palmieri

Senior Manager, ERP Integrations

U.S. Automotive Parts Group of Genuine Parts Company

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